Early Childhood Development Services can sustain peace

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellow, Angelica Ponguta has worked with a number of stakeholders from different organizations to publish a brief titled "Contributions of Early Childhood Development Services to Preventing Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace". She shares the brief and a short summary of its purpose and background here. The brief has not yet been published and is exclusively shared on the Talent Network for you.

The purpose of this brief is to: (1) demonstrate the societal risks that result when early childhood development (ECD) services are lacking and (2) show how ECD services contribute to sustaining peace through increasing social cohesion, equality and economic productivity.

The brief should be read by researchers, policy-makers and practitioners interested in engaging in peacebuilding through ECD initiatives in the global setting, particularly in light of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The content of the brief streamlines evidence, connections, and areas for research, policy and practice. The brief was drafted in cooperation with UNICEF, the Early Childhood Peacebuilding Consortium, and our team at Yale University.

For more information on the Early Childhood Peacebuilding Consortium please contact Jacobs Foundation Fellow Angelica Ponguta (angelicaponguta@yale.edu).

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