Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers here to most frequently asked questions

I have a LinkedIn account but I cannot sign-in with it
The synchronization with LinkedIn only works if you are using the same e-mail address for LinkedIn as for the Jacobs Foundation Talent Network. You can edit your e-mail address in your profile with the pencil-button.

I do not want to receive weekly notifications
You can edit your notifications under settings. Click on your profile photo in the right hand corner of the website and you will see a drop-down menu. There you choose settings. You can also adjust the language setting and change your password.

I created an event – how do I delete it?
You need to go on your profile and click on “Recent Activity”. Then click on the arrow to edit or delete your event.

I want to register for an event but the ticket option is not working
Most of our events are by invitation only. If no ticket is left, the invitation period for this event has been closed.

I am looking for a fellow interested in a specific field
The best way to search is under “People” and use the filter option on the right hand side. Click on the arrow for “More Filter Options” and use the drop-down menu under “what are your professional interests”.

I want to add skills to my profile
Go to your profile and click on the pencil next to Skills. You can add your skills there by typing in the first letter of the skill you want to add and then selecting from the options provided => type in part of the word of your skill, for example “BR” for Broadcast Journalism and then select the option.

I want to change my professional interests
Click on the plus-sign and select several interests from the drop-down menu

I want to have a different cover photo
Click on the left hand of the cover photo on the camera symbol and upload any picture you like. Be aware that this is public and will be visible to all others in the talent network.

I want to have a different profile photo
Click in the bottom left corner of the profile photo on the camera symbol.

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