Find out what the network is about, our mission and vision and how you can be involved and contribute to this exclusive community of Jacobs Fellows.


A community of professionals and students across disciplines who have the potential and passion to support the mission of the Jacobs Foundation and each other throughout their careers.


Jacobs Network members are mostly current and former fellows, as well as carefully selected people from the wider Jacobs circle, such as implementing partners, portfolio organizations, and closely affiliated institutions such as the Jacobs University. They include researchers, social entrepreneurs, journalists, MBA students, and public policy professionals.  


To create a vibrant, global community of hand-selected professionals dedicated to pursuing personal growth, professional development, cross-sector collaboration and the sharing of resources to advance contributions to the fields of child development, education, and social impact


We envision the Jacobs Network to be the preeminent community of international professionals who share their individual talents, industry expertise and passion with one another. The members of the Jacobs Network not only serves as strategic and operational partners for innovation in the field of child development, education, and social impact, but also inspire one another through active engagement in this innovative and generous community aimed at making each other better leaders equipped to create significant impact.  

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