Don't forget to apply to Project LEAP!

Project LEAP (Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote change) is an initiative by the Jacobs Foundation designed to allow Fellows to contribute as consultants, advisors or even project managers to a range of impactful education projects across the world. With Project LEAP we offer you: 

  • An opportunity to apply your field of study to LEAP high-impact social challenges across the world: turning evidence into action.​

  • Network and collaborate with other Fellows, industry professionals, impact partners and leading development organisations outside of the Jacobs Network.​

  • Supplement your professional profile through the ability to publish articles, get more access to data and enhance CVs ​

  • Supplement your income with interesting, meaningful projects Participate on a schedule that is flexible around academic, professional and personal availability  ​

  • The chance to attend an expenses-paid retreat to meet with other Fellows within the Network, and to work on problems in the same setting​


We are currently calling for applications for two projects:

Multi-stakeholder Research & Learning Agendas (RLAs) and Research Funding Vehicles for evidence use: Phase I Inspiration

Eneza Education AI Chatbot for SMS Learning

The deadline is Monday, 18 January 2021. 

Please send your CV and motivation letter of max. 200 words to


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