Each month we shine a spotlight on a member of our Jacobs Network to help you meet each other virtually and inspire you with the outstanding people that are part of our network. This month we feature Meeri Kim, a science writer fellow and freelance journalist, California, US.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a science and health writer currently based in Los Angeles who contributes regularly to the Jacobs Foundation’s BOLD blog, Washington Post, Bioengineering Today, and CURE Magazine. My work has also appeared in Huffington Post, Slate, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Blog, and Philadelphia Inquirer. Although I now work as a full-time writer, I have a background in academic science and received my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy translating complex concepts for a general audience to increase the public’s understanding of science.

How do you think you can benefit from the Talent Network?

As a science writer, belonging to a prestigious group like the Jacobs Network provides unprecedented networking opportunities, continuous story ideas, and a wealth of experts at my fingertips. I’ve already gotten the chance to meet research and business fellows in person at various Jacobs Foundation events, which has led to conversations about potential stories. The important work being done by the Jacobs Network – whether in psychology, neuroscience, or social entrepreneurship – deserves to be highlighted and conveyed to the general public through the media. Lastly, I’m always in need of sources for articles I write, and the Jacobs Network allows for easy access to experts in many different fields.

How will you make use of the Talent Network?

For BOLD and other news outlets, I’m constantly on the lookout for researchers to write about or interview. I plan to scour the Jacobs Network for researcher profiles and find those whose work perhaps has not been as widely disseminated. I’d also like to highlight my own articles related to child learning and development by posting links on the live feed. Lastly, anyone from the Jacobs Network who has a new paper coming out or a story idea is welcome to contact me directly.

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